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Gymbabies (6 months-20 months)

Put some gym time into your day as you introduce your baby to their first gym. See their excitement as they explore and discover the stimulating room of equipment and join in for parachute play and bubbles. This is a drop in class, no registration required!


Gym 1/2 (20 months-36 months)

Participate with your child in this parent assisted class. Physical activity is integrated through our musical activities and structured lesson plans. Support and encourage your child as they travel through the circuit of equipment all while challenging and improving their physical capabilities.

Sibling Class (20 months- 5 years) (parents with one child are always welcome)

This class is for the busy caregiver who will take two (or more) children to gym class together (Parents with one child are always welcome). The multi-age group dynamic can benefit all ages. The older child is empowered to physically take the lead while enticing a younger child’s participation. This experience will reinforce the enjoyment of exercise and physical activity as a family.


Gym 3 (3 years)

This is the first supervised and structured lesson without you! As a child enters this independent class, lots of assistance and positive recognition will be given. Children will gain a sense of security while enhancing their physical abilities. With guidance and direction, each child will follow structured circuits and perform in group activities. They will build self esteem and take pride in physical accomplishments as they say . . .“Look, I did it all by myself!”

Gym 4/5 (4 & 5 years)

This is a gym class where each child will use their physical independence to achieve their goals. The instructor will show the circuit of equipment, then coach and assist while the children perform the equipment challenges. At the end of class, the children will connect the complete circuit while using the instructional positioning and gain the beneficial objectives of that lesson plan. This class builds the foundation for all other physical activities and sports.

Classes and spaces are limited, so please call/email ahead for availability
and any questions or concerns. Thank you.

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